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23. Beating the Talent Mismatch

We are at the beginning of a long-term cultural and economic transformation. Organizations must adapt to this new paradigm by cultivating dynamic managers who have an understanding that they may not understand the tools and skills their employees bring to the workplace but must still work to amplify the individual and group talents. The same is true of the modern educator.

Transparency and a fundamental understanding of the core impacts of social networks will assist in helping organizations evolve with this culture shift. With the increased ubiquity of the digital culture in the workplace and at home, social networking has become an integral part of the world of work.

As society as a whole struggles to come to terms with the notion of effective personal and public curation, as well as navigating privacy issues that arise within widely used platforms such as Facebook, employees often have more experience and fluency in the culture and value of social networks than the employer may realize. This can lead to what is known as a “talent mismatch.”

This challenge is only going to deepen as we go from a manufacturing economy to a tech economy, according to Tammy Johns.

“People with talents that are most mismatched have the greatest personal choice,” she said, “and the companies that win will be companies that define work practices for those people, mainly by focusing on the question: What kind of experience do I want to deliver to my customer?”

Increasingly, entrepreneurial workers are also starting to ask what kind of experience they want to deliver to themselves and their collaborators, and educators need to ask themselves the same about delivering proficiency in the core subject areas while ensuring that students are prepared for the reality of the modern workforce.

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