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12. Media Trend

The lack of meaningful work for millions of people, including young people just entering the workforce, has a widespread negative impact on society, ultimately touching everyone.

A major media trend has been focused on twenty-somethings who can’t find jobs. With 37 percent of 18-29 year olds unemployed this issue is requires sustained attention. Such articles, however, often fail completely to mention the skilled labor shortage or any solutions, including entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration of any kind.

GOOD magazine published an article by education editor Amanda Fairbanks,”Young, Educated and Unemployed: A New Generation of Kids Search for Work in their 20′s.” The piece, like others that, came before, describes a young graduate who lives with his parents and can’t find a job.

“Since January, for 35 hours a week, at a rate of $10 an hour, Luke Stacks has been working for a home-electronics chain. He answers the phone and attempts to coax callers into buying more stuff. This is not how he imagined he would be spending his late 20s.”

“Like a lot of us,” Fairbanks writes, “Stacks was given a fairly straightforward version of how his life would unfold: He would go to college and study something he found interesting, graduate, and get a decent job. For a while, things went pretty much according to plan.”

Then the plan went off the rails.

Is that the new normal?

Are you a student or recent graduate who has decided to take an entrepreneurial approach to the future?

What challenges have you faced? What success have you had? What pointers can you offer others who are in your position or might be soon?

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