information about medicine

This project was directed by Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts, who work with an extensive network of experts on all aspects of the transformation of education and the future of work.

Put these findings into practice

The co-directors of this project, Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts, offer consulting sessions for practitioners of the new global culture and economy at all levels. Whether you need to learn how to use Twitter, build a complex simulation environment or create an innovator’s community of practice in your classroom, school, district, state, nation or world, we can work with you to achieve that goal.

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Update: Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts recently joined Science House and Science House Foundation to continue their work on sparking the imaginations of students and entrepreneurs worldwide on the importance of imagination, creativity, agility and empathy in Science and Mathematics. You can read more about their new roles on the Science House website: Welcoming Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts to Science House.